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Our Financial Aid Counselors are here to assist you as you navigate through the financial aid process. You can reach a counselor online at www.PT视讯官网.edu/sfs/contactus, or you can set up a virtual office visit through Zoom, at www.PT视讯官网.edu/sfs/visit

To assist with processing, we encourage you to continue uploading requested documents at www.PT视讯官网.edu/sfs/civ. If uploading your documentation isn’t an option, please send via fax to .


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Office Closed for the Holidays
Our offices will be closed for Christmas break from Friday, December 24, through Monday, January 3. During this time, payments can be made online via the E-Bill System and will post to the student account immediately. Please be aware that mailed payments may not be posted until we return in January. We hope you have a wonderful holiday, and we look forward to connecting with you in the new year!