make money through selling music


Inquiry: Have you saw the amount of advertising U2 have been doing to offer their new solitary and also album? Why? They’re the biggest rock band on the world with countless fans waiting to listen to and acquire their brand-new documents. Response: NO U2 PROMOTION = NO U2 SALES. If Bono as well as the band need to market their new music, then so do You.

You can upload your music to a MySpace page and to many sites for download. But if nobody has actually come across you – if you haven’t advertised You or Your Music) you’re not gon na market really much. Tattoo this under your eyelids – No Promo implies No sales. If you begin your recently established career with this standard premise in mind you’ll conserve yourself a whole lot of thrown away time, effort, stress and head damaging.

Part 2 – You’ve made a bunch of tracks in your home center or bedroom – exceptional – this is where Stuart Price remixed Madonna’s No. 1 favorite “Hung Up” – and it’s where many, numerous other music makers are creating their music.

The hi-hats are appearing dope and also a phat b-line keeping it all with each other. You’re whiring with excitement – your MySpace web page is on the internet with great deals of pals plus you’re on Facebook, Bebo, Twitter as well as numerous other Social Networks you’re connected right into. In today’s environment these are CRUCIAL components to selling your music. Now just what?

Pointer 3 – you’ve already been creative by writing brand-new and also initial product. You now have to find innovative means to practice run it – to see and also hear what full strangers consider it. This is the truest and outright acid driving test. If they do not obtain down on the dancing floor, you require to return in the center!

If you DJ in your local gastro pub, lost it right into your collection and also gauge the reaction. If you do not DJ, ask among your friends to attempt it out. The very best Remixers as well as Producers demo their new manufacturings in the really same way before recognizing that it sounds the ideal they could make it or whether it needs even more work.

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