Getting a Independent Record Deals

Independent Music Record DealMost independent artists today understand that the beauty of getting contracted to a significant record tag and even a strong independent label may not be all it is cracked up to be. First of all, with the state of the music industry as well as record labels today, it ares more challenging to get a decent record deal then it was years ago and many Indies today realize that it may not be worth the initiative– there is a good reason for this.

With the onset of the Internet and the way musicians market their music today, the field has equaled. Artists and bands have an equal opportunity for exposure, record sales, and also awareness. With the ability to start your very own record label and publishing business, there is merely very little of a need or need for that concern, to get tied into an unreasonable record deal; offered obviously you have the financial means, contacts, knowledge, and advice to get all the necessary music marketing, promotion, publicity, and also distribution.

Here are some tips on how to get a record deal:

The Music Trial

The initial step to landing a record bargain is typically the “music trial” or “demo tape”. This music demonstration is a depiction of who you are as well as what you can do, exactly what makes you special and why the record companies need to authorize you to a record offer and invest countless dollars.

The music demonstration is your item. When coming close to record companies, management business, music producers and talent agencies, your music demo will be the first thing that they ask for. If it’s hot stuff, they will consider working with you in some capacity or at least keeping their door open for future consideration. If your music demo sounds like crap, you could bet that their door will close to you and remain closed to you.


Many people that have wanted to obtain a music deal have also made use of YouTube in order to market their music. Simply register a free to use account with YouTube and begin uploading music to your account. You can then share this music with the world via YouTube and market it through your social networking websites.

Many record execs hear music artists on YouTube. They do this in order to discover new talent without having to sit and hear independent music artists personally. Therefore, by beginning a music based YouTube account centered on your music you could instantly be found.

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get record deal todayFollower Base

Developing a Fan Base can be a difficult task, however it is an absolute need if you hope for any record tag to take you seriously. One piece of guidance I will give you is to look for any sort of assistance you could locate in finishing this demand, because constructing a Follower Base will likely take some aid.

One key person to enlist is a Manager. Managers often have lots of connections in the industry including club owners, promoters, other artists, and even record label executives. Of course, you will have to do a great deal of marketing by yourself, but the assistance of a qualified Manager can be the difference in between your success and failure.

In the early stages of your career you may not be able to find a competent manager to take you on as their client. If this is the case, don’t hesitate to allow a buddy or family member, who is HIGHLY motivated, assist you for the time being. If a person close to you sees your potential and is willing to help you get going, they can be a lot more useful than a Manager who places you on the back burner for his more established clients.

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